14 - Another registered letter from Nancy at Second Time Around which states that she applied Pilar's consignment check from November to the balance of what Pilar owed.
21 - Letter from my mother. Enclosed is a check for February rent. She writes: "Hopefully things will improve for you and Pilar.


7 - Diagnosis Report from Pro Med North Clinic on Anderson for Pilar for SST Strep Screen and Mono. Prescription slips for Pilar from Nau Pharmacy for Hydrocod, Amoxicillin, Phenyl-guaif and Ventolin.
19 - Note from my mother referencing some mis-placed keys and that they had a great time in Austin.


19 - Twenty-nine years old.
25 - Note to Pilar and I from my mother referencing rent check for April, being with her for my birthday, that my beard is gone, and that we are on the "right path of [our[ future happiness". 





7 - Problems in School. Depressed. Obsessed with Death. 

22 - Letter from Tom Ellis: Just completed second week


12 - A difficult time. Pilar and I are separating. She is dating Rauf from Les Amis - amongst others. 
- I begin the "Homeless Experiment" - first sleeping in the UT libraries, then David and LIzz's Studio, then Europa Books.


3 - At Quacks with cafe au lait, after dinner at Pilar's and a strange hovering depression over her and Leta - young souls wandering the gutters of love. After listening briefly to the "Yard Slugs" at the Cactus Cafe, a beer, a conversation with Shelton here earlier, a bike ride and a rest.
4 - Early in the morning at Kerby Lane. I was asleep at Pilar's earlier. she came in around 5:00 am and said that Tim need a place to stay, that a lot of people were staying in his place. She told me to leave.
There are hells and there are Hells... (continue in an a href later)
Somewhere in here I write the first "That Ole Bone Dance" down at the Studio.

15 - Upstairs a the Texas Student Union. 
17 - Tue - At Les Amis. 
22 - At Pilar's Apartment, dealing with accustions and reconcilliations.
27 - At Les Amis in the afternoon. The last few nights have been difficult, filled with restlessness. I have not been able to get much sleep.
29 - Sun - Early in the morning, waiting for the sun, at Leta's apartment. Trying to finish "The Song of Insanity" (a variation of That Ole Bone Dance) and being rather intrigued with what comes between myself and it.


1 - Tue - I haven't been sleeping much, writing at the Studio late at night, riding around on my bike. Perhaps this accounts for how horribly depressed I was early this morning.
5 - Sat - Cycling through the City in the early morning, riding up to Quack's for a cup of coffee. 
Later this evening, finish moving the last of my things from Pilar's place. At Les Amis. Went over to Posse to meet John and Dana and two of their friends. Left there and went to a party in West Campus. 
6 - Sun - At the Studio. Later: meet Shannon at Quack's and go to see the movie, "The Fisher King".
7 - Mon - 
8 - Tue - Selling CDs for coffee money, a table to write on. At Les Amis
9 - 
10 - 
11 - 
12 - 
13 -
14 - 
15 - 
- Somewhere in here I meet Lynn Bender and start working at Europa Bookstore in Dobie Mall
16 - 
17 - 
18 - 
19 - 
20 - 
21 - 
22 - 
23 - 
24 - 
25 - 
26 - 
27 - 
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31 - 



25 - Xmas