- Europa moves to the Drag: 2406 Guadalupe. We move the entire store in one day. Recruit Daniel, Christina Marrs' boyfriend, from Quack's the morning of the move.


19 - Thirty years old.

- Leave Austin for Dallas, en route to the Monastery. Awaiting my Grandfather's Death. Reading the Portrait of Dorian Grey. Car trouble stalls my delay and I hide out at Pilar's apartment on Grooms. Hang out at the Hole in the Wall.

April - Dallas

12 - Letter from Jo Bunny on Kozik poster detailing the current state of things at Europa.

May - Dallas

From a Letter to Pilar [Portrait of a Holy Man]:

It is late at night. I am here in my Grandfather's office alone. Outside, there are flashes of lightning but no thunder. [...]
The other night down in the woods, I was awoken by a heavy labored breathing, clrcling around my tent. I crawled out and there was nothing there. The I could hear the breathing off in the shadows of the bushes to my right. I walked over there and suddenly it was above me. I called out, wondering if it was a hurt animal or something. The breathing stopped. I crawled back inside my tent. Just as I was about to get to sleep, I heard it at the door, very close. I crawled out again. There was nothing there. Then it came to me that I was being visited by something from the other world, something that had come through the partially open gate around my Grandfather. [...]
It is late. There are many ghosts out tonight. Tomorrow, I know, I will find many tracks and prints of unknown things down in the woods.

June - Dallas

10 - Met Yvette LeGrand (YYL) at Caravan of Dreams in Ft. Worth. Went with Chip Hunter to see Chris Duarte.
11 - Stay with YYL at her place.
12 - YYL drives me home in her old truck.
13 - I'm out late, riding around on my bike. Writing until 4:00 am at Jojo's on Central. When I get back to the Inwood house, the nurse is at the door. And I know. My Grandfather is dead. Just died. She told me, as I remember, "Scot, your Grandfather has just passed." I went into his room and said a prayer and played him a song on my guitar.
- My Grandfater Callaway dies. The obituary, written by my Uncle Bud reads:

"Callaway, Clarence, a Dallas businessman, died at home on June 13, 1992 after a long illness. Callaway was born in Navasota, Texas on June 27, 1905, but had been a resident of Dallas 75 years. He graduated from Oak Cliff High School; attended the University of Texas. After college, in association with his brother, Mr. Callaway managed the Callaway Brothers Oil Company. When the company was sold, he joined the English Freight Company and was eventually general manager of the firm. He founded Callaway Cartage Company in 1939, which was sold in 1949 and Mr. Callaway then joined the Dr. Pepper Company. At Dr. Pepper he was promoted to Vice President of Operations before leaving to become President of the American Bank & Trust Company of Oak Cliff in 1955. When he sold his interest in the bank, he bought the England Transportaion Company of New Orleans, which he operated until the firms sale in 1974. He was a member of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas and the Gunstream Hunting & Fishing Club, where he served as a founding member and first President. Other professional organizations included, the Dallas Bottlers Association of which Mr. Callaway was President. Preceded in death by his wife, Mattie. Mr. Callaway is survived by his two children Clarence Callaway, Jr. & Nancy Thompson; five grandchildren, Scot Casey, Shannon Casey, Cristal Callaway, Lee Callaway and Nickolas Callaway. Services will be held 2:00 P.M. Tuesday, June 16, 1992. RESTLAND MEMORIAL CHAPEL, Dr. James Pleitz officiating. Pallbearers: George Young, Alan Roberts, Scot Casey, Lee Callaway, Nickolas Callaway and Jerry Thompson. Memorials may be made to the Salesmanship Club of Dallas."

16 - Tue - Funeral of my Grandfather Callaway
21 - Sun - Spent evening with YYL, met Mike and Mary.
22 - Mon - Went home in afternoon.
23 - Tue - Dinner with Mike and Mary.
24 - Wed - YYL leaves for Belize. Back in a year.
25 - Thu - Letter to Yvette. She was in Belize. [Portrait of Holy]
26 - Fri - Went to Austin.
27 - Sat - Austin.
28 - Sun - Austin.
29 - Mon - YYL calls. Her letter arrives. Letter sent #3.
30 - Tue - Letter to YYL #4.

July - Dallas

1 - Wed - Letter to YYL #5
2 - Thu - Austin w/Chip to see Coffee Sergeants.
3 - Fri - Helped Mike and Mary move.
4 - Sat - Wrote #6
5 -

August - Dallas

29 - Sun - Leave Dallas


30 - Mon - Arrive Santa Fe, New Mexico
31 - Tue - High Road to Taos

September -

[From "Bones & Dust: A Journal"]
- Shelton is separated from Debbie. Dating Anne. Living at Courtney and Jackie's - in the architecture studio beside the house. Debbie is working at Eddie Bauer and going insane. I am staying with her, at the place on Gomez while I am in Santa Fe.
1 - Wed - Santa Fe, New Mexico - 
2 - Thu - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Spent the morning with Shelton at a good place called the Aztec Cafe. Walked with him over to where he works, Caxton's Bookstore. Wandered around Santa Fe.
3 - 
4 - Fri - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Reading Dick's Divine Invasion. Out to Tent Rocks with Debbie, Jackie and Jackson. 
5 - Sat - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Phone calls in the middle of the night from Pilar, hysterical over Leta's infidelities with Scott. Walking along the river path with Shelton, talking of bones and blood. Every poem must end.
6 - Sun - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Aztec Cafe in the early morning. Reading Sexual Personae. Fiesta time in the city. Finding sanctuary in the St. Francis Cathedral. Discover Novalis' Hymn to the Night.
7 - Mon - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Aztec Cafe in the afternoon. Open doorways framing distant mountains. 
8 - Tue - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Shelton and I went to see Bergman's "Good Intentions". A surrender on the part of the priest was disappointing. 
11 - Fri - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Zozobra Burning Man Fiesta 12 - Sat - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Went to Bandelier. Fear seeps out of the stones. 
From a letter to Pilar Blaske in "Portrait of a Fool Notebook: 1992":

There is a full moon over Santa Fe tonight, the 12th of September. I am sitting in a Quackenbush type coffee house called the Aztec Cafe. Before me is an open window letting in the burning fragrances of pinon and juniper and sage. Regardless of what Santa Fe is or isn't, it is surrounded by the mystery of the desert. Upon the edges of the city, in the margins, along the borders, something of the truth of this place emerges. [...]
Last night was the beginning of a Fiesta here, sort of a celebration of the cities independence. The whole weekend is one long party. It starts off by the ritual burning of a huge effigy known as Zozobra, Old Man Gloom. While the masses (60,000 people) milled about oohing and ahhing at the fireworks, I stood silent and detached wondering if it all really meant anything to them. It seemed they had all become disconnected from the origin of the burning, from the pagan rythms of sacrifice and ecstasy. They are spectators to the universe, watching themselves grow old on TV, looking for meaning in all the wrong places.[...]

13 - Sun - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Comment that one of the reasons I left Austin was the murder of the four girls at the Yogurt Shop. And that Jorge, the doorman at the Hole in the Wall was shot in face. 
16 - Wed - Santa Fe, New Mexico - My internal compass of being, my spiritual integrity, is thrown off "true" by events that occur around me - events that reflect the evil, the horror, of conscious existence.
20 - Sun - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Walking around the city in a haze. Reading Holy Madness. 
"Those who voyage are not saved."
24 - Thu - The Monastery of Christ in the Desert - 11:20 pm - Finally at the Monastery - where I should have been long ago. 
25 - Fri - The Monastery of Christ in the Desert
26 - Sat - Up in the Hills above the Monastery - 
27 - Sun - Back at the Monastery - With a room.
28 - 
29 - 


1 - Thu - Santa Fe - Got a ride out of the Monastery with two women from California. On the way, we stopped to see the vandalized Morada of the Penetentes in Abiquiu, a small gallery (Magpie Woman), the Ghost Ranch, the Sanctuario de Chimayo and at lunch in Espanola at Matilda's.
4 - Sun - Santa Fe - Gaelle comes in. Take Debbie's car to Albuquerque to pick her up. 
5 - Mon - Take Gaelle to Santuario de Chimayo. Rio Grande Gorge.
6 - Tue - Tsankawi and Bandelier with Gaelle.
7 - Wed - Leave Santa Fe. Return to Dallas with Gaelle.
8 - Thu - Dallas - 
9 - Fri - 
10 - Sat - Parents return from a trip??? Meet Gaelle. 

October - New Mexico / Dallas

17 -
18 - Sun - Austin - Staying with Leta and Pilar at their place on Ave. D - almost next door to where Lisa and I used to live.
19 -
20 -
21 -
22 - Thu - Austin - Work at Apollonaire's.
23 -
24 -
25 -

europa books ephemera
Douglas Adams Speaks
Shannon Wheeler Design
October 1992

26 - Mon - Start working again at Europa Books. Also working part time at Apollonaire's Used Bookstore above Quack's.
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 - Out with Chip, my sister and Sabrina. Go to hear Coffee Seargents at the Texas Union. Then to Lavaca. Big rain.

1 -
2 -
3 - Tue - Bad day at Black Rock.
4 - Wed - Move in with Steven "Sam" Samuels, to his place on 41st. At the time, one carload got it all over.
5 -
6 -
7 - Sat - Lunch with Shannon. Staci Finch later.
8 - Sun - Work at Apollonaire's
9 -
10 - Tue - Lunch with Jo Bunny. Letter to Sabrina. [Portrait of a Fool] Referencing sticky messes, time and convictions.
Write "Ain't the Bone that's Shakin".
11 - Wed - Meet Sabrina at Les Amis 9:30 pm. Letter to parents referencing living with Sam. Xmas list enclosed: Mont Blanc pen, gym membership, a letter about god and death, anything having to do with bones, any unique sorts of paper, few bags of groceries, anything simple, natural and pure.
12 -
13 -
14 - Sat - Coffee Seargents at Chicago House
15 -
16 - Mon - Sleestacks with Mary Catherine
17 -
18 - Wed - Meet Sabrina at Les Amis
19 - Thu - Letter to Sabrina. [Portrait] Staci at Les Amis
20 -
21 - Sat - Meet Sabrina at 12:00
22 - Sun - Chris Duarte at Steamboat with Pilar
23 - Mon - Letter to Pilar. Referencing time and patience in our relationship. [Portrait] Meet Jo Bunny for lunch
24 -
25 -
26 - Thu - Thanksgiving in Dallas
27 - Fri - Dallas
28 - Sat - Dallas
29 - Sun - Dallas
30 -
31 -


1 -
2 -
5 - Sat - First gleanings, in the journal "Bone & Dust" of the Bone Carver series: "Everything these days is haunted and insane.".
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -
11 - Dallas
12 - Dallas
13 - Dallas
23 - Letter to Pilar. [Portrait] Referencing seeing her earlier at Les Amis, talking about our relationship,
24 - Write "Rattling of a Bone" for my Mother on Xmas. [Portrait]
25 - Xmas

30 -
31 - Thu - New Year's Eve with Pilar. At Steamboat??? Lavaca?? Posse.