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Jan 20: This shit is going to kill me.

20 Jan 1995

Taken Down by the Bone

This shit is going to kill me.

If it hasn't already. The fact that

1.) I am here and 2.) lucid

leades me to believe that all

reprots of the death of B.Jones,

yours truly, were false. (So far)

Things to do:

1. The Mont Blanc Story

2. The Elements of Style Story:

looking at a beetle on my back porch

wondering what I am

going to do with

the rest of my life

and wondering about the


Re: N: as long as we still have 

grammar, we still have god.

3. Essay / Story: first machine

was a mirror.

see notes.

4. Emperor of Ice Cream // B. Jones

Who is God?

see notes.

What is it to suddenly

become suspicious of yourself?

Here is the motivation.

5. Proposal to realworld for

equivalent for printed

matter: Bone Books.

6. # of big jokes pulled on

human species.

comparison to anxiety of insecurities.

worry/pro security/con

Men: -

Women:  + -

-squeezed by reality into either/or

saying something of keeping our

mouths shut

7. Rough draft of a suicide

letter. see notes.

8. Whatever my deteriorating

mind forgot:   see