1 - Re-reading The Outsider, the remarkable Chapter 5, "The Pain Threshold". Also reading Callow's Orson Welles, "The Great Wall of Hollywood " from Ventura's Shadow Dancing and "Reading Nietzsche" from Higgins' Reading Nietzsche.

8 - Mon - First real rewrite of "The Bone Carver". Watched "Stalag 17" on video.

14 - Finished Spartina by John Casey - more about men and boats. Patient poetics

17 - Wed - Watched Brooks' "Lear", "The Lady From Shanghai" and "Anatomy of a Murder". Finishing Smiley's A Thousand Acres. Trying to develop the "Emperor of Ice Cream".

23 - Letter to Shelton. Out drinking with Pilar at the Showdown last night. Mexico and synchronisity.

30 - Finished "Heaven's Sense". Starting to work on the Eliot piece. Reading Snow Falling on Cedars, The Western Canon and Stanford's Conditions

31 -


7 - Letter to Shelton. Listening to:

  • Stephan Micus - "Athos"
  • Son Volt - "Trace"
  • J. Hendrix - "Voodoo Soup"
  • T. Waits - "Bone Machine"

Wanting to go someplace where my language is not understood.


19 - Thirty-four years old.

quit job at Bookstop (?)



June - Start working at FringeWare



8 - Letter from Chesley Allen

26 - Letter from Jennifer Schell: Rationalize my abnormal fear of death


13 - Austin Chronicle: Best of Austin: Critic's Poll: "Best New Fringe Bookstore/ Zinestore / Place-Type-Thingy"

19 - Card from Stephanie Hindall

23 - Letter from John Perryman: Man-eating wolves




22 - Dream of the ancient drama between Faust and Mephistopheles. I was Faust and had already made the deal with the daemon. The difference was that I had complete and utter power over him, had "figured" him out, "fixed" him in the most Heideggerian sense of those words. All of this took place in aa world of undersea blue light, Kadinsky's color of the spirit. When I woke up I was somwhat amused and disconcerted to discover that the left side of my face was paralyzed, the sinister side if you will. Considering my problem to be more theological then neurological, I declined to go to a doctor until after Xmas. Later I discover that it is "Bell's Palsy".

25 - Xmas

22 - Austin American Statesman: FringeWare mention under Out of this World: Grassy Knowledge. As a place to go on New Year's Eve. I am quoted as saying the Store has "stuff you won't see at Barnes & Noble".

30 - Letter to John Perryman. Saw Chip and Susan in Dallas during Xmas. Reference night of 22nd, the Faust dream and my facial paralysis.