1 - Woke up at Jennifer's Place on Mary St. Down to Barton Springs to dunk my head in the waters.

3 - FringeWare Event: get.Dobbular(98) at Bob Popular.

- Helping Lynn Bender move across the hall to a new space. Knocking out wall with John Gibler. One day, Jennifer calls and catches me in a lie about where I was the night before. She is at my house. Crawled in through the window. I had stayed with Myra. Jennifer and I break up.

11 - Went to Austin Book and Paper Show at Palmer Auditorium

24 - Wrote letter to the owners of FringeWare. This eventually led to the resignation of Patrick Deese, the manager. He later moved to Mexico.

- Somewhere in here I get punched in the face by a Black guy on the Drag. Broken nose. Two black eyes.


1 - Email from Jeff Gorvetzian regarding the current FringeWare crisis

Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 14:55:22 EST


Subject: it is excellent to see perpetual agony and failure

Scot - I am consistently astonished by your ability to uncover authors of titanic learning and great insight, who, even after I study them, am convinced would never have crossed my path. Examples would include George Steiner, Edward Dahlberg, Charles Olsen, and that poor man you're usufructing online. I know that these are your authors, because after I heard about them from you, they still refuse to cross my path. I do not come across their names in anything I read, or notice their books jumping into my life by synchronistic means - all of which is quite the opposite of 'my' authors. Having come across their names ONCE, they jump out at me from shelves and websites and conversations in bewildering profusion until I have agreed to take them into my life. One reference to Plotinus, or G Wilson Knight, or Ibn Arabi, or Schiller, becomes a thousand references. They multiply and divide with abandon. There are even two authors that I *can't* read, because I'm too busy, and they continue to pester me like insect swarms: Francis Yeats and Denis de Rougement. There will be no rest, I know, until I read and absorb them.

I believe that, most of the time, life leads us to minds not just akin to our own, but very like what *we will become*. That said, I feel that the universe might have made a slip up. I think I've come across one of your authors by mistake, and so I seek here to return him to you. His name is Hillaire Belloc. I believe he is a French travel writer and possibly a historian from the early twentieth century; but I could be wrong. Details are left as an exercise for the Student. J ==========================

To study something of great age until one grows familar with it and almost to live in its time, is not merely to satisfy a curiosity or to establish aimless truths: it is rather to fulfil a function whose appetite has always rendered History a necessity. By the recovery of the Past, stuff and being are added to us; our lives which, lived in the present only, are a film or surface, take on body--are lifted into one dimension more. The soul is fed. Reverence and knowledge and security and the love of good land--all these are increased or given by the pursuit of this kind of learning. Visions or intuitions are confirmed. It is excellent to see perpetual agony and failure perpetually breeding the only enduring things; it is excellent to see the crimes we know ground under the slow wheels whose ponderous advance we can hardly note during the flash of one human life. One may say that historical learning grants men glimpses of life completed and whole; and such a vision should be the chief solace of whatever is mortal and cut off imperfectly from fulfilment.

Hillaire Belloc, The Old Road


- Store events press release.

- Overall FringeWare History page

- An online version of what we thought FringeWare was at the time.

6 - Sat - FringeWare Event: Quasar Hernandez Reading and Evening of Protracted Neurologodaedaly [...] and Oaths of Fealty. Author of It Only Hurts When I Kill. The first event that I hosted as manager of FringeWare.

7 - Letter from Stephanie

14 - SXSW Open House: Public Turing Test for intelligent agents in conjuntion with the BBC.

15 - SXSW

16 - SXSW - Beth Fisci reviewes a FringeWare Event in the Austin Chronicle

17 - SXSW - Images from a Store Event

19 - Thirty-six years old.

20 - FringeWare Event: in*situ presentation of Kenneth Anger. Signing and reception.

24 - FringeWare Event: TV Destruction Day and Vincent O'Brien Video Screening.

27 - FringeWare Event: Kim Hewitt signing for Mutilating the Body: Identity in Blood & Ink. Chronicle Review.


1 - I compose an initial FringeWare Manifesto

3 - Fri - Response to Manifesto from Paco. Response from Jeff Gorvetzian.

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 14:01:50 EST


Subject: damn you all to hell!!

Scot -

You write: I see this as only the irritant which might be "encrusted" into something more pearlish. I would appreciate scathing critique, commentary, additions, in short, the radiance of your inimitable editorialship. I'm going to take you at your word, so please understand everything that follows to be a sign of my illimitable respect for you. I have not pulled any punches.

As an editor, I would reject this manifesto. The spirit of Scot Casey and his daemon, Bonesy Jones, are not sufficiently in evidence. Therefore, I would be placed in the uneviable position of editing people who are not present, whom my words cannot reach. Reading this was worlds removed from reading 'Allegorics of Killing', which used its diversionary tactics only in service of a more maniacal self revelation, which many people were strongly affected by. This document has no picture of Stalin by the cash register. This document does not drive its plow over the bones of the dead. This document slaughters no goats. In short, this document dispenses with Scot Casey entirely, and offers instead, an Utne Reader sidebar.

What I *will* do, happily, is act as your wrestling coach in the Bloomian showdown that seems to be taking place in the body of your document. Your originals, as I can discern them in the shadowy stones they lie within, are Peter Lamborn Wilson, Paul Krassner, Abby Hoffman, and Allen Ginsberg. The missing in action include Steiner, Stang, Stewart Brand, Turner, Nietzche and, most importantly (this is going to sound funny, but it's totally true) Charlton Heston. THERE IS NO CHARLTON HESTON IN THIS MANIFESTO!! Forgive me, friend, I say this only because you have eclipsed the better angels of your nature. In this document, Dr. Zeuss keeps a careful watch on the 'inner Tayor' and will not let him speak! You must tear off the jaw harness and address decadent ape civilization with the full force of your unrecontructed astronaut-manhood!! Bonesy and his representative Mr. Casey need an advocate for their interests, and this subject I will happily discuss with you at great length, in person. In this capacity, I am the friendly 'Cornelius', who believes in truth at all costs AND the sympthetic 'Zera' who will kiss you, willfully ignoring your status as a debased pink 'talking human'.


1) What needs are specific to our cultural moment? Does the document reflect what we do/ should be doing? I fear that its stance hardly even allows for the legitimate existence of a bookstore. There isn't even an 'access to tools and ideas' reference. Its politics are carried over from struggles begun in the sixties - and do not reflect what has been learned in the intervening time. "The status quo should always be challenged" Scot, you did NOT write that. That pitiable cliche, fossilized when you were still a newt, is suitable only for weaklings and resentful cowards. Here is the same sentence, recast into my best impersonation of Scot-langue: "The status-quo, like a muscle, must be CONSTANTLY broken down, that it might be made more capable." Maybe a reference to fitness-to-purpose? More Blut und Urde!! You must create sentences that CHEW LIMESTONE!! UUUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH!!! "The status quo must always be challenged". This is spoken from the standpoint of the victim, who understands nothing of the costs and shames of culture, and need to deligitimize the possibility of any authority except his own. WE question authority to gain knowledge and power. Where did all this girlie-boy talk come from?? My bonesy- module (and I must have one, else your dreams would be irrelevant to me) suggests Goethe instead: "and unfashioning the fashioned, lest it stiffen into iron, is a work of endless, vital activity". I have two other main question, which I bookmark as 'the nature of value' and 'the prolific and the devouring' but these we must discuss in person. Call me.



- FringeWare Event: DMZ spins and plays in store.

8 - Wed - FringeWare Event: Seemen show at the Atomic Cafe.

9 - Thu - FringeWare Event: Seemen show at the Atomic Cafe. "Violent robots commiting acts of love". Saw Mary Catherine.

10 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Dame Darcy signing her comic "Meat Cake". Playing in her bluegrass death band.

12 - Sun - FringeWare Event: Anniversary of A.G. Rizzoli "Glimpsing the Veeaye" in 1936.

16 - Thu - FringeWare Event: Bicycle Day Celebration - DJ DMZ will spin Acid House in honor of Albert Hofmann's historic ride; electric kool-aid provided... 20% off all titles related to LSD.

17 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Commoner and Preverts. Zine signing party and unplugged show by the Preverts, with esoteric performers and cuttlefish gelatins.


1 - FringeWare Event: In-Store presentations on Democracy and the Global Economy. Ultimate Privacy symposium on email privacy and encryption tools.

8 - FringeWare Event: Indiana / Rough & Tumble & Thomas Pynchon B-Day: Bands playing melodic disturbances & 20% off all Pynchon books

12 - FringeWare Event: Bindlestiff Family Circus and the Autonomedia Bookmobile Roadshow

13 - FringeWare Event: Lisa Palac Signing. Erotic Author and "Future Sex" editor, followed by a Tammy Gomez performance.

15 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Sector 7G playing weird pop vibrations. DJ DMZ spinning incredibly cool beats.

23 - Sat - FringeWare Event: W.S. Burroughs Triathlon: Dress-up, Shooting, Spoken Word/Cut-up.

29 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Walt Holcombe signing for "Poot". And a performance of musical splendor, involving Walt, the man, and the saw. Also Drop Cycle and DJ DMZ performing at Mojo's.


5 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Cyborg Sam and the Clones / Mack White and Roy Tompkins.

12 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Aurora Marker Fund. Readings by Don Webb. Scarlitt unwired.

17 - FringeWare Event: Electronic Civil Disobedience. Stefan Wray and the Electronic Disturbance Theater.

19 - FringeWare Event: "Salt for Slugs" / White Rabbit. Zine release party. Discussion by a former member of the Manson Family.

20 - FringeWare Event: Grass News Network

21 - Jennifer away?? Bad LSD/Cocaine trip.

23 - FringeWare Event: Turing Test 1998. A celebration of computer pioneer Alan Turing's birthday, with an international AI competition.

26 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Evil Trancemedia Ceremony. Featuring Winter Marchosias.


13 - FringeWare Event: Festival of Shorts. Curated by Vincent O'Brien.

31 - FringeWare Event: Ruby Lamb Unsheared. Performance, interact, dress up. Video production by PhatFarm Productions.


4 - FringeWare Event: Festival of Absurdity

8 - FringeWare Review #14: Media Controllers publishes. Was the Issue Editor. Wrote most of the incidental content. "B&N Policy: a parody", "An Open Letter...", "The Myth of the Great American Bookstore", "Barnes and Nobles doesn't trust..." and many reviews. Worked closely with Monte on overall design and production.

13 - FringeWare Event: Incommunicado Press presents an evening of poetry, punk rock and pussy. Jimmy Jazz. Steve Abee. Liz Belile.

14 - FringeWare Event: Release party for This Order w/readings by featured writers. Afterwards, fortify your punk sensibilities with The Commies with special guests.


13 - FringeWare Event: SubBrilliant Multimedia Extravaganza. Report from Subbrilliant about the event. In actuality, I recall that I didn't stay very long. Jennifer and I left with Mike McCoy and Sharon to go see Hugg at the Electric Lounge. It was raining. I ended up nearly killing someone as I was driving back. All a big drunk joke. Later hung out at the Hole in the Wall.

16 - FringeWare Event: Signing & Reception for Raw Deal, by Ken Smith and Mack White.

18 - FringeWare Event: Molotov Cocktail CANCELLED SHOW

25 - FringeWare Event: monochrom bringt amerika den sozialismus tour.


2 - Fri - FringeWare Event: Julain Palacios signing Lost in the Woods signing.

3 - "Where is the Sacrifice?"

23 - Fri - FringeWare Event: John Ross / Cinco Puntos author signing. Resistencia Bookstore benefit. Cosmic Intuition Performance.

24 - FringeWare Event: F3 Film Festival.

30 - FringeWare Event: Ritual Invocation of Kali by Flash Point.


- Jeff Gorvetzian's Article on Aurora in Fortean Times 115.

4 - FringeWare Event: Robert Anton Wilson. Workshop in Dallas as a Masonic Lodge. Produced by FringeWare and Forbidden Books.

5 - FringeWare Event: Robert Anton Wilson. At the Off Center Gallery.

6 - FringeWare Event: Philip H Farber book signing for FutureRitual: Magick for the 21st Century

16 - FringeWare Event: Circus Redickuless: Chichen John and Dammit the Wonder Dog, Brown Hornet, Dr. Ducky Doolittle.

Book Festival #3

Book Festival #3

23 - BagDay Protest, intiated by my "open letter" in FringeWare 14 (penned as Clarence Callaway). See also the information page that was on the FringeWare site. I also wrote a little anthem.

Thanksgiving in Dallas


- Xmas in Dallas early, with Jennifer, around the 15th???

25 - Xmas