Texas Showdown
UT working in the BioSci Department

San Francisco for Foote's Wedding
South Padre Island
Aquismon, Mexico


2 - Email from Patrick Lakey:

Dearest Mr. Casey,

It is with sadness but lightness of step that I received news of Mr.
Jones' passing. He was, I dare confide, a good friend. I send well
wishing to the whole of the Boney family. To you, my brother, I offer
good tidings in the New Annum. I hope to see you again soon.

With highest regards, I remain

Your friend,

Patrick Lakey

Dear Mr. Lakey -

Thank you for your kind words. It has been a difficult year and I am ec-static that it has been now consigned to the bonepile of memory. 

I too was saddened by the death of my mentor and closest friend, Mr. Jones. He taught me more about life and, especially, death than anyone I have ever met. A most profound influence upon my life. But it was time. And he knew this better than anyone. I was honored to be there at the end and to carry out his last request of cutting off his head and burning the rest of his flesh and bones out in the Desert. 

Of course, I am soaking the head to remove the skin and such. Soon, per his wishes, the skull of B. Jones shall sit upon my desk, forever smiling with me as I work on publishing his extensive archive.

I will be in California in either the later summer or early fall of this year for a wedding of a close friend. As the date approaches, I will let know you know more. It would be nice to converse with someone with a strong hermeneutical grasp of Dasein and the allegorical riddles hidden within the Bone. 

I trust you are in good stead and that your lovely co-conspirator is also well -


P.S. Starting to work on a long poetic/philosophical piece on the last ten days/seven miles of Paul Celan's body - after suicide, as it was floating down the Seine, dreaming and decaying. Know of any good references - specifically concerning the period of time he met with Heidegger? 

This is from John Felstiner's Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew:

In 1964 he had written:

Water needles

stitch up the split

shadow- he fights his way 

deeper down,


About 20 April 1970, around Passover, Celan went from the bridge into the Seine and, though a strong swimmer, drowned unobserved.... On 1 May a fisherman came upon his body seven miles downstream. 

A biography of Holderlin was found then on Celan's desk, open to an underlined passage: "Sometimes this genius goes dark and sinks down into the bitter well of his heart." Celan did not, I noticed, underline the rest of that sentence in the Holderlin biography: "but mostly his apocalyptic star glitters wondrously." 

People have said that Celan took his own life at forty-nine because valid speech in German was impossible after or about Auschwitz. Yet this was the impossibility that incited him: "Spills of mire I swallowed, inside the tower." And he did speak - more validly than could ever have been imagined. 

4 - Order from Amazon:

Chris Ware (Monographics Series), Daniel Raeburn
Paul Celan : Selections (Poets for the Millennium), Paul Celan
The Night of the Hunter (Bfi Film Classics), Simon Callow


8 - Email to Patrick Lakey

My esteemed Mr. Lakey -

Salutations! I am quite delighted that you and your lovely other half have found The Insane to be of interest and have endeavored to listen to its contents. Thank you for your kind words regarding my dubious abilities to hold a tune and pluck the six strings. I hope the remainder of the disc hold up to your scrutiny and delight. 

I am still pursuing the Slow River Death of Paul Celan, but have been somewhat sidetracked by a big monster/masterwork that is trying to incorporate a Finnegan's Wakian interpretation of Eliot's Waste Land (already written) with a series of Bone Carver stories based on the Ox-herding sequence from Zen Buddhism (already written) into a Raymond Chandleresque hard-boiled detective narrative along the lines of The Long Goodbye or maybe The Lady in the Lake. The detective/narrator is yours truly trying to find out what crime Bonesy Jones (my pseudo-anonymous writing persona for the last 15 years or so, recently deceased) committed in his youth: skinning the English Language by the River, stealing God's Skull in the Desert, tracking down the Fugitive Gods. Weston's From Ritual to Romance figures heavy as does Steiner's Grammars of Creation. 

As you might imagine, it is a Frankensteinian meta-pastiche. If I can pull it off it will be amazing. But even if I only just patch it together with baling wire and chewing gum, it will still be, I humbly believe, morbidly fascinating - like a car wreck on the highway, unidentifiable parts all over, you don't want to, but have to look. And if that is the worst I can do, then I will be more than a little pleased. 

Hope all is well and thank you for listening -


22 - Email from Kelly Casey:

Scot,  I lost your e-mail address for a while. Well, I'm in the tour business now.  I made my first trip to San Miguel de Allende with 28 people. We made side trips to Tequisquiapan & Guanajuato. I go again in march. I dont know where yet. Somewhere in Mexico.   Karen & I spent november & december in Aquismon. We didnt want to come back to otro lado.  Otro lado is what the mexicans call the U.S.  I prefer to live in Mexico & I am thinking about living there permantly. I added two new bedrooms to the house in Aquismon, so any time you want to stay there, come on down. We are going to stay there most of march, april, & may. I'm going to try to take Karen to Tamul.    Kelly

Hi Kelly -

Good to hear from you. Sounds like things are going well for you. That's great. I can certainly understand your wanting to stay down there. I think back often upon the time I have spent in Aquismon - such a beautiful place. It holds a special place in my memory. 

I sure would like to come down sometime soon - late March or early April. Don't know. I will let you know as soon as I can. Still in debt to the medical jackals for all the troubles I had last year. But the hole gets filled a little more every day. 

So far this year has been great. My health has returned, I'm able to ride my bike around again and, finally, head back to the gym. Been working on a lot of projects which I will send to you as I complete them.

Still working at the Showdown - as you might imagine, Friday and Saturday nights are my bread and butter. Otherwise, have been very introverted. After feeling so bad last year, the time that I have now - feeling good - is very valuable to me. I don't want to waste it. 

Once again, it was great to hear from you. And I hope to head down soon. Please give Karen a hug for me and tell Willie and Alma I said Hi.



1- Terry Casey Died. 

Scot, I'm sad to tell you that my brother Terry died last thursday. I was in Mexico when he passed. He was lying in bed reading a book when it happened. We are having a wake for him at Jakes thursday. I'm going back to Aquismon friday night. I'll scatter his ashes in the surf where we put our mother. Sad time, Scot.  Kelly         

19 - 44 - years old.

24 - JGM in NY

25 - JGM in NY

26 - JGM in NY

27 - Dinner w/JGM @ Carmello's


29 - Dinner w/JGM @ Vivo

30 - Movie: V for Vendetta



9 - Lunch w/JGM @ Eastside Cafe, Work on JGM Computers

10 - Paint Room

11 - Build Bookcases

12 - Mother's w/Jeff G., Barfly's w/Shelly B.

13 - Build Bookcases, Mother's w/JGM

15 - Lunch: Eastside w/JGM, Sawed fenceposts for JGM

20 - Lunch: JGM Curra's / HEB / Showdown / Breeds / Home Depot, Install wrong screen door, Music: Rice @ The Parlor / Pizza

21 - JGM @ House Pizza & Wine

Church in Aquismon, Mexico

22 - Home Depot w/ JGM / Habitat / Thrift, Design and Build Desk, Amy Jo & Spencer in Town


13 - "Coffee sounds good. I am leaving for a wedding in San Francisco this
week and won't be back until the end of the month. I will let you know
when I am back in town."

20 - Andrew & Blake Foote wedding in San Francisco


Wed, May 24, 2006, 3:15 AM
to me

From: jennifer milbauer
Date: May 24, 2006 3:11 AM
Subject: meow...

I miss you soo much talking to you makes me sad.
Whatever are we going to do?
Why did I book that stupid trip, I don't wanna go.

What time will you be coming in?

Take pictures.
Love, me.

Scot Casey 
Sat, May 27, 2006, 12:38 AM
to jennifer

miss you too.
let's get married again.
let's go on a honeymoon again.
let's fall in love again... more in love.


22 - Email to Patrick Lakey

Dear Mr. Lakey,

Good to get word from you and to read of your eminent arrival.

I am available on Wednesday, the 28th, after 6:00 pm and on Thursday,
the 29th, all day - and night, if applicable. (Your date/day was
somewhat ambiguous.)

Ruby's would be an excellent place to feast upon bovine or porcine
skeletal muscle and reveal the bones with you.

Please feel free to call me either at my place of semi-honest wage,
The Texas Showdown 512.472.2010; or at the Laughing Bone Design Labs

If one of my secretaries answers, tell her that you are from the
Heidegger Excavation Services - that will usually get you right
through to me.

I do hope that events conspire favorably for a convergence, but if not
now, then sometime in the near future.

As always, I remain

Your friend of the End -

Scot Casey


27 - Email to Jo Bunny

Scot Casey
Thu, Jul 27, 2006, 1:17 PM
to Elvisbunny

Sorry that it took me so long to reply. 

You sound very good. I am happy for you. 

As for me, been working a lot. 

Currently -I mean, at this moment - at UT working in the BioSci Department. Working mostly at the Showdown - semi-managing, bartending - about 30 hours a week. 

Still writing a lot. Started up a mailing list. If you would like to receive strange and beautiful writings from me in the mail, send an address.

Still married, but separated. I am just too difficuly to live with for any length of time. Jennifer and I are still friends. Otherwise, I have been very hermitic. Not dating or fucking anyone. Just me and god. 

Living back behind Sam's in my monklike cell. Very happy.

Got to go work on some mundane network problem. 

More later -

Big ole hug back at you -



Worked on the Room. Bookshelves, blinds, repainting. 





17 - Email to Jim Thompson

Thu, Aug 17, 2006, 6:18 AM
to Jim


hit by a car, concussion, separated shoulder, removal of appendix,
liver disease: all in 2005.

changed my life. amazing what a healthy diet, no drugs or intoxicants
and regular exercise can do for you.

so, 2006 has been one of the best years of my life - so far.

figure I got a decade or two more left in me.

heading to mexico tomorrow for a couple of weeks to watch the stars
move around the sky.

hope all is well with you and yours.
look me up next time you are in town.

17 - Plane to South Padre Island, Aquismon, Mexico with Kelly

Thursday, August 17 - Austin(AUS) to Harlingen(HRL)
Flight 2108
Depart Austin(AUS) at 01:45 PM and
arrive in Harlingen(HRL) at 02:45 PM

Wednesday, August 23 - Harlingen(HRL) to Austin(AUS)
Flight 2071
Depart Harlingen(HRL) at 03:10 PM and
arrive in Austin(AUS) at 04:10 PM








4 - In Anacortes

5 - In Anacortes

6 - In Anacortes

7 - In Anacortes

8 - In Anacortes

9 - In Anacortes

10 - In Anacortes

11 - In Anacortes

12 - In Anacortes