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A re-construction of the extant soundtrack to the lost, perhaps imaginary, film "Chimage." The soundtrack will be performed in sequence in its entirety by a group of local musicians. Fragmentary recovered and restored images from the film will be show during the performance. Mr. Casey will provide a general introduction concerning the mystery of the filmmaker, the film and the cult that has been built up around the film. 

The performers are Scot Casey, Jess Manley, Zach Zinn, Rebecca Westlake, Thadeus Kroening, Steven Riley, Urania Shaklee, Jackson Mathey, Reuben Cash, Robert Lashley, The Resonate Hose Symphonic Sextet and more.

Tonight at 8:00. At the Honey Moon. Starting with the Resonate Hose Overture, through a murder of talented musicians and poets performing the entire soundtrack to Chimage. All of you know that I never prevaricate from the Truth when I encourage you to at least experience a portion of this. It will be like nothing you have ever seen before - unless you lived in with an expatriate East European director on an island in Southeast Asia in the late 1940s and helped to create one of the most unusual and challenging films ever made.

28 - Show at the Amadeus Project: "Chimp Groove is on Saturday, the 28th! We have so many great performers: Sarah Goodin, Scot Casey, Jessica Lohafer, Andrew Bryce Pine, Kim von See and more! And then have freshly baked goods and coffee. Oh and and and raffle prizes that will blow your socks off. So don't miss it & tell your friends (and an enemy too)!" Troi Gale

With a "drawing" at Mod Sock.
April 29, 2012


May 13 -

Mother's Day at the Rhododendron Cafe

20 - At Stubb's in Austin

May 21 - Austin, Texas

24 - There is a place where the skull becomes the rose and the tongues of flame are in-folded, where the skeleton steps out of the skin and dances. Tonight, somewhere after 10 pm, you might be witness to this in a ritualized ceremony between bones and beauty. Come down to The Local to hear me sing the bones and Havilah sing the beauty. It is also the beginning of our Roadkill and Truck Stop Tour. Hope to see you there.

Notice to all of y'all in Austin: I have a show at The Local with my good friend, the super-talented Havilah Rand. I will be singing my usual songs about bones, insanity and the Devil. And Havilah will sing songs of elegant beauty and aching nostalgia. Would love to see you all there. Drinks on me for everyone!

"Hey! My good friend Scot Casey and I are driving a U-haul up to Bellingham next week. This will likely inspire a follow-up novel and documentary about our travels. Our journey will begin with a live performance during which I will sing songs about carbon monoxide and treacherous sea voyages and Scot will sing songs about insanity and possibly show you his skull. Join us!" Havilah

29 - With Havilah Rand at I-84 Twin Falls, Idaho.

The view for the last 28 hours.


15 - Letterpress Broadside from Honeybee Press

18 - Feature at Poetry Night

From the Boynton Blog:

"Charles “Bonesy” Jones (August 6, 1945 to November 15, 2005) was an American graphic artist, writer and poet. Reputedly born in Little Hope, Texas, much of his early life is shrouded in mystery and misinformation.

Bellingham resident Scot Casey “knew Jones for almost 20 years. No one has had a greater influence upon my life.” Casey offers extensive details about Jones’s storied life and artistry on his blog, The Laughing Bone.

Tomorrow, Monday, June 18, 2012, as the featured voice at poetrynight, Scot Casey will offer a reading of the poetic works of Charles “Bonesy” Jones, as well as a short introduction to his life and selections from his correspondence with Cormac McCarthy, Wendell Berry, John Haines and George Steiner. As an added bonus, everyone that attends will receive a fine letterpress broadside produced especially for the event by Scot Casey and Honeybee Press. Here’s more on Facebook."

30 - The Last Meal of Calouste Gulbenkian – An Exact Recreation of a Dying Billionaire’s Last Meal.

8 courses of Aremenian cusine paired with 8 meads, wines and ciders to be enjoyed while 10 local performers recreate traditional music, poetry and dance chosen by Gulbenkian for each course. 

Some of the finest musicians, poets and dancers in Bellingham have will perform throughout the evening: Kat Bula, Scot Casey, Sarah Goodin, Tad Kroening, Robert Lashley, Jess Manley, Julian McDonough, Pete and Charly, Steven Riley and Kim Von See. 

Tickets, on sale at the Honey Moon, are $30 for very limited seating. Includes all the food, spirits and performances. Standing room on the patio outside with limited food is free. 

Please contact Scot Casey at 360-441-7669 or the Honey Moon 360-734-0728 for more information.

In June of 1955, Calouste Gulbenkian, the great Armenian businessman and philanthropist, knowing he was on the verge of death, decided to have a “Last Great Supper.” He chose 8 traditional Armenian dishes that represented aspects of his life from birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, maturity, old age and even a course for death. For each of these courses, he paired a different mead (which he loved), wine and cider. He also recruited musicians from around the world to perform traditional songs, poems and dances for each of the courses. 

Scot Casey first learned about this Last Meal of Calouste Gulbenkian while doing research on the Sybarites at the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, Portugal in 1992. Amused at the incongruity between the simplicity of the food and the enormous wealth of the man, he was determined to someday recreate the meal as a performance. 

After researching and tracking down the traditional recipes and music over the years, he collaborated with the Honey Moon here in Bellingham to present this exact recreation of a billionaire’s last meal. Casey will discuss intriguing aspects of Gulbenkian’s fascinating life at the beginning of each course throughout the evening.

Tickets on sale now at The Black Drop coffeehouse and Honeymoon for The Last Meal of Calouste Gulbenkian. $30. Get yours while they last. Special reserved seating. You do not need a ticket to attend. However, you do you need a ticket to enjoy the 8 course dinner. The ticket includes an 8 course Armenian styled dinner with 8 paired meads, ciders and wines. In addition to all music, poetry and dance.


9 - With Jess Manley

13 - Playing tonight at the Tom Waits Cover Show at the Shakedown. Also Michelle's birthday. Should be a barn burner. I am bringing a bucket of tears and a boxful of Jesus'. Come on down and witness.

14 - Short notice. I am playing the Songwriter Circle at Honey Moon tonight with Sarah Goodin, Zeke Hoskin and Flip Breskin. It's gonna be like a shark riding an underwater bicycle: surreal and enlightening. See you there!

"Support Scot Casey and Sarah Goodin, please. Two incredible people, for whom I have incredible respect, artistically. And: the only two people who I know who should be allowed to cover tom waits. Thanks you two. And: "god won't leave me alone..." and "the only time that little bird touches the ground..." two excellent cries tonight. Thanks again. Everyone else: lend an ear the next time you get the chance." Nathan Drake

25 - Helping out at Make-Shift

28 - At the Make.Shift Block Party


3 - Work on display at Mellis Photography next to Jinx/Make.Shift.

17 - Man! You walk around with an End Is Nigh! sign and hand out over 200 free coffees and everyone is your friend! Here's to the Pickford and the Bike-in. Great job. Still going on. Come on down!

22 - Bellingham Herald Front Page Article on the Contentious Meeting about Homelessness

"We have people who treat our shop as a second home," Casey said, adding that he supported a "housing project that treats these people with respect and dignity."

Thanks to Stephanie for the beautiful language.

25 - Tonight. 10 pm. Redlight. My own honorable self, along with Mr. Tad Kroening and host of far soberer and talented performers will be attempting to conjur up the cool angst and desolate pathos of The Cure.


10 - Graphic for Black Drop

14 - In Dallas for Memorial for Tom Ellis

September 14 - In Dallas for the memorial for Tom Ellis

With Kim Lanphere in Dallas

22 - Leonard Cohen Cover Show at Redlight

"Hey there! From Redlight to everyone who came to the show last night, to our amazing, patient, and kind sound-dude Brendan Labotz, and OF COURSE to all the mind-blowing and beautiful performers who covered Leonard Cohen songs for us - Sean Meyer, Andrew Schutte, Chelsea Farmer, Zach Zinn, Tina North, Scot Casey, Sara Goodin, Johnny McIntyre, Tad Kroening, Wes Davis, and Annaliese Mortimer - THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! Our hearts are bursting. We are dying from love for you."

27 - The Insane Unbound: Interviews, Music, Images, Confrontational Theater by Scot Casey featuring Kat Bula, Thadius Kroening and Mariah Tate Klemens

"This promises to be equal parts amazing and disturbing. I am really honored by the chance to get to make bizarro music for Scot Casey's latest multimedia extravaganza. Yes, I just used the word "extravaganza"." Kat Bula

The Order of the Ceremony for Thursday 27 September 2012
Prelude - Kat Bula – Paranoid Schizophrenia
Introductory Rites - Thadius Kroening – Alcoholic Hallucinosis
The Ceremony - The Insane Unbound - Scot Casey
1. Delirium Tremens
2. Undifferentiated Schizophrenia
3. Hypomania
4. Catatonia
5. Simple Schizophrenia
6. Childhood Schizophrenia
7. Involution Reaction with Mariah Tate Klemens
Concluding Rite - Thadius Kroening
Recessional - Kat Bula


October - Best Barista

17- Thanks to everyone who voted for the Black Drop as the Best Coffee House and for myself as Best Barista in the Cascadia Weekly. I am honored and deeply appreciate your support. Thanks must also be extended to my business partner, Stephanie, and the amazing Black Drop staff: Chase Bacetich, John and Kim. It is all so beautiful. Thanks also to Maniac Roasting. Cheers! Scot

31 - Slylvia Plath, Langston Hughes, Amy Winehouse, Allen Ginsberg, Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Karen Carpenter, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith will all be in attendance - in addition to a host of other beautifully dead musical souls. You really don't want to miss this, do you? There's gonna be a reckoning. 

Dead Musicians Open Mic at Honey Moon on Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 8:30 pm.


8 - The Bellingham Debut of The Homeboy Ballads (Selected Poems 2007 -2012). Come bear witness to the Living Incarnation of the Word, Mr. Robert Lashley, as he reads the best of his poems from the last 5 years. Lashley reads with a Voice of Fire, breathing life into the Word like no other poet you have ever seen. Do not miss this opportunity to hear him galvanize the night with Pure Poetry. 

Opening performances by Charlie and Boris D. Schleinkofer. Slight of hand ambient musical accompaniment by S. Casey.

9 - Latte Art at the Black Drop

27 - Ecard winner is the magical Scot Casey of The Black Drop coffeehouse fame! Pardon the language, but... Wait, since when do we pardon our language? ;) Congratulations for being a bad ass, Scot (as always).

Nov. Mother ALZ


7 - Cupping at the Black Drop