31 - Photo of a homeless man with a Scot Is My Barista sticker


6 - At the Black Drop by Mike McGee

27 - Have you ever wondered about the voodoo enchantment pulsing within the core of all blues and, consequently, all rock music? Boosie Vox, Jon Winter and I spent an enjoyable afternoon exploring the roots of the blues in voodoo and primal rhythms. From Maya Deren to Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix to the laughing skull of god. Tune in to listen on Sunday!


2 - The Codex of Little Hope is a degraded variation of the Codex Laud uncovered by Jones and Jose Garcia Payon at El Tajin in Mexico in 1964.

Jones developed a radical thesis that the Codex was unique among Mesoamerican pictographic manuscripts because it was concerned not with astronomical phenomena but the the death and "absence" of the gods. And, also, the deification of human beings.

To illustrate his beliefs, Jones isolated and reconstructed twenty "hieroglyphic elements" from the Codex of Little Hope. These twenty plates, along with substantial explanatory information, will be on display during the month of March at the Black Drop Coffee House.

3 - 6 pm today: voodoo language, spells and enchantments of primal rhythms embedded in the dark soul of the deep blues, discussions of whether life without music is a mistake or not. Listen in to myself, Boosie Vox and Jonathan Winter celebrate the Pulse and Mystery of Music on the New Americana Show. Radio for the People. Thanks! On the New Americana Show on KMRE

10 - Dumpster with sticker: Scot is My Barista

19 -

Today is Scot Casey's birthday. We will be at Temple Bar at, say, 9:00 to tell him that 1) we're glad he was born and 2) we're glad he's not just a pile of bones yet. Join us, eh? P.S. He likes tequila. Reposado. Come prepared. - Anna Attaway

22 - At the Black Drop


14 - Poetry Night

27 - Poetry Night with Robert


3 - Poetry Night at the Black Drop

8 - Save Our City IV: Zombies vs Survivors

21 - Sarah in the Wild. Flea Market parking lot. — with Jake Werrion, Cade Capp and Sarah Goodin.

Latte art at the Black Drop:


20 - Kitchen Sessions. Performed a version of Villon's canting song, Straight Tip to All Cross Cove


3 - Graphic for the Black Drop

26 - Took my Mother on a group outing with the Silverado people. It was a boat cruise around Bellingham Bay. The passengers were, of course, residents - people with dementia and advanced Alzheimer's. I remember the boat came to rest near Fairhaven to allow the passengers to look at the boats anchored in the area. Two guys on a nearby sailboat evidently took offense and mooned all of the passengers. Mom was greatly amused. We mostly sat away from the others and did our own thing. 


21 - Seaview Estate Sale - Closing Time Trading Co.
22 - Seaview Estate SaleClosing Time Trading Co.


12 - A welcome bit of levity from the past. I coached Texas High School football for 7 years before becoming a seller of books, booze and coffee. Thanks, Vincent O'Brien and Wiley Wiggins.

15 - Mnemonic

20 - Buddha on the Side of the Road

23 - Through the extraordinary efforts of our realtors in Anacortes, Jean Groesbeck and Linda Harris, we were able to close on the sale of my parent's house today.

Thank you to everyone involved for all of your help. Roger Bourm, Shannon Casey, Jennifer Milbauer there are no words...

The selfsame moment I could pray;
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.

- Coleridge, Rime of the Ancient Mariner