1 - Sold off share of Black Drop Coffee House to Ryan


1 - Mnemonic Device


28 - What They Carried: The Final Family Estate Sale

As many of you know, my parents, Nancy and Jerry, have Alzheimer's. Both are currently in assisted living and are relatively happy - all things considered. But they have a lot of possessions - beautiful elements of a beautiful life - that they no longer need. So we are having one final estate sale. And this one is in Bellingham in Jerry's apartment. 

The place is packed with some really nice pieces of furniture (an absolutely stunning hand-carved Chinese Tea Table and Louis XIV style sideboard), kitchenware, dining ware, China so fine you can see through it, a stamp collection amassed over 50 years, British Cigarette Cards, Occupational and Fraternal Shaving Mugs, a Champion Juicer powerful enough to make bone juice, lots of office supplies, hundreds of Country Bluegrass Blues CDs, Johnny Cash and Assorted Vinyl, decorative objects ranging from Buddhistic netsuke, Celtic and German crosses, Shiva Nataraja, Tibetan Mala Bone Necklaces, Railroad memorabilia, Carved Wooden Boxes that were once full of the New Mexico Desert, Crystal Glasses that were once full of laughter, Everything that two lovely people who mean the world to me carried through life with joy and celebration and love, and what they carried is still ringing with love. It is all bright and shining and Nancy and Jerry would love for you to have it. If anything, just come on by to say hello to me and my sister. We'd love to see you. 



16 - Nancy Lee Thompson
07/13/1939 – 08/16/2014

Nancy Lee Thompson passed away peacefully on Saturday, August 16th in Bellingham, WA with her husband and two children at her bedside. Nancy was born on July 13, 1939 in Dallas, Texas to Clarence and Mattie Callaway. She attended Hillcrest High School in Dallas and the University of Texas at Austin. Nancy was a teacher, talented gardener, fantastic cook, and an adventurous world traveler. She loved animals and had a deep spiritual connection to nature. Nancy is survived by her husband, Jerry Lynn Thompson, and her two children, Shannon Lee Casey and Scot Keith Casey. A private ceremony will be held at Heart Lake on Fidalgo Island, where she and Jerry loved to walk with her beloved dogs. In lieu of flowers, donations in Nancy’s memory may be made to the Whatcom Humane Society. 

30 - Yard Sale! 3219 Pinewood Heights. Until 4:30. Furniture, books, clothes, toys, odd ephemera and thingus. If we have it, you can buy it! And this is the last sale I hope to ever have.

Big giant, enormous (Strunk & White style) sale. Rescued from the Titanic. Souvenirs from D. B. Cooper. Howard Hughes' fetishes and sex toys. P.T. Barnum's greatest fears. Lovecraftian anomalies. All exposed to the filthy lucre. Make the pilgrimage. Friday. Saturday.


11- Texas Big Sky

13 - Margaret Moser Sales in Austin.


1- Come by Casa Que Pasa on Friday for ArtWalk. The middle room is full of Bonesy Jones' work. I will be there from 6 to 9 pm. Prints available and I will be in close proximity to tequila. Plus there is a ton of bone and skull related beautiful art by other local artists! Hope to see you!

2 - Works by Charles “Bonesy” Jones will be on display at Casa Que Pasa, 1415 Railroad Ave., during October and November. Jones subtly “re-interpreted” stamps from around the world to convey his unique message that “Bones Are Truth.” The rare exhibit by the idiosyncratic artist opens at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3. A few rare, signed and numbered prints, and postcards, will be for sale that evening. 

3 - 20 Stamp Detournments From the B. Jones Archive

Never before exhibited works from Charles "Bonesy" Jones will be on display at Casa Que Pasa for the months of October and November. Jones subtly "re-interpreted" stamps from around the world to convey his unique message that "Bones Are Truth," contextualizing each piece with an often ironic poetic message. Don't miss this rare opportunity to view the works of this idiosyncratic and unusual artist. I will have prints (a few rare signed and numbered ones) and postcards for sale during Art Walk on Friday, October 3rd. There will also be additional information about the extraordinary life of B. Jones.

If you are wandering (but not lost) amidst art tonight, stop by the Redlight for the Monsters! show. Outstanding local artists representing beautiful terrible monsters. It's like being in Goya's "Sleep of Reason" with great drinks. Oh yeah, there is a B. Jones piece in there too.


8 - Scot Casey & Robert Lashley :: Sound & Language for a Forgotten Film

An entertaining and unsettling "new soundtrack" to a forgotten film. There will be death and bone related cartoons before the main feature. Also authentic bones and delicious flesh will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. The Music is all about the Devil and the Words are all about the Fire.


31 - New Year's Eve Variety Show! at the Honey Moon

Ring in 2015 with more entertainment than you ever thought could fit into a single evening — as Honey Moon presents our first ever New Year’s Eve Variety Show! We’re planning a cork-popping line-up of music, dance, storytelling, circus arts, poetry, prognostication, and multi-media flights of fancy. The show gets underway at 8:30 pm on Wed, Dec 31st. 

$10 cover gets you all this plus a special noshing buffet and a complimentary cider toast at midnight. 

Advance tickets available by calling 360-734-0728, or stop by Honey Moon at 1053 North State Street Alley.

Featured artists include:
Aerialists: Dream Frohe & Jenn Perry
Musicians: Ani Banani, Biagio Biondolillo, Ross Brackett
Dancers: Jenna Bean Veatch & Damian Cade
Storyteller: Harper Stone
Puppet Show: Ani Banani
Poet: Ellie Rogers
Multi-media: Scot Casey
Astrology Readings: Kat Bula, Down to Earth Astrology