3 - After Holiday Wind-It-Down with Cherry Blossom Family Delivery, Bar Tabac, Scot Casey at The Shakedown. Time to "Slow Down the Hoe Down" with the Cherry Blossom Family Delivery, Bar Tabac, and Scot Casey. 

Expect strange and beautiful music that you can enjoy with a lover or a friend, or the memory of either. 

10 - An Evening of Lies, Sad Songs, Fiery Poetry, and Terrible Visions of the End of All Things.

A multi-media three headed performance to celebrate and desecrate The Story lurking that lurks in the Shadows of the Heart.

12 - FB: Black Drop Blackout! Myself and Thadius Kroening will be performing our most intimate songs for lovers of all things related to coffee and alcohol. Imagine your favorite Black Drop drink all cocktailed up and singing in the midnight choir. Hope to see you there.


5 - FB: Thank you, Margaret Bikman for the nice write-up in The Herald's Take 5 for the Osteology Photography show at The Bureau of Historical Investigation on Friday. I'm pretty happy that the phrase "fully articulated cat skeleton" was in the paper this morning associated with my name.

6 - New photographs of the Osteological Persuasion. Also, ONLY ON FRIDAY, I will be selling prints from ALL of my shows, Charles "Bonesy" Jones prints, mounted and otherwise, framed images, letterpress broadsides and larger works. Everything will be marked down! GREAT PRICES! This is part of the Maker's Showcase at the Bureau for the February Artwalk.

FB: In addition to my Osteology photography show at The Bureau of Historical Investigation, I have a bone-ish piece in the RED & PINK show at the Redlight along with a lot of other talented artists. And I most highly recommend to check out Michelle Schutte's Love and Other Demons show at Honey Salon - her art is beautiful and entrancing.

7 - FB: The Bureau of Historical Investigation has been kind enough to keep my print sale going through the week-end. If you ever had an inkling about purchasing bone and skull related art, stop by today or tomorrow for great prices!


4 - FB: For all of y'all out there in New York City, my good friend, the talented artist, Shelton Walsmith, is having a reception for his show, The Provisional vs. The Dubious, next Thursday, March 12, at Queen's College. Details and an amusing interview between he and I after the jump...


4 - FB: Every Frame Tells a Story: Benefit for Film is Truth
- Designed poster. Performed Shadow Puppet Theater to Harry Dean Stanton's monologue in Paris, Texas

April 19 - Leave on my Travels