1- Started working at Honey Moon Mead & Cider

10 - Violent Hope LINK

12 - Bowie Event at Honey Moon

17 - Father, Kelly Casey, dies. 

Kelly M. Casey, 75, of South Padre Island, TX went to heaven on Jan. 17, 2016 to be with many loved ones.

Kelly was born March 6, 1940, in Dallas. He rode his bicycle from Grapevine, Texas to South Padre Island, making many stops. He was the owner of Kelly's Irish Pub until moving to Aquismon, Mexico, to fulfill his life's dream of retirement and travels.

He is preceded in death by his parents: Mitchell and Sally Doss Casey and brother, Terry Casey.

He is survived by his loving wife, Karen, who always thought of him as "my treasure and my pleasure." three sons: Scot Casey, Ben Bays, Sean Loyless; three daughters: Shannon Casey, Selena Loyless, Jocelyn Ceriello; two grandchildren: Lucy and Ronan Langenkamp.

27 - Start hosting Open Mic at the Honey Moon again. 


23 - History of X LINK

29 - Janet Feder (feat. Jen Gilleran) / Scot Casey / Guillotine Eyes / Neoglyphic Media


1- The King LINK

4 - Skeleton Shadow Puppet Theatre 

13 - God is a tiger hidden in the dirt LINK

18 - Perform at Awkward Covers Party V


7 - Attended Mighty Mike McGee and Friends

23 - AMEB returns


29 - Difficulties of the Hermit LINK


1 - 7 - Travel to Alabama

29 - Cardio Tests