Family History Pre-1962


March - 6 - Fall of Alamo.


January - 4 - Isaac Yaro Chinski born "in Gresen, Polish Germany; orphaned in infancy; early years spent in Murfreesboro, TN."


August - 6 - Harriet Boggs Chinski was born "in Pontiac, Miss., and was a daughter of Dr. James (?) Coleman Boggs and Elizabeth Pegues (?) Boogs, at an early age she moved with her family to Leona, Leon County, TX."

December - 29 - Texas admitted as the 28th state of the Union, thus ending its brief nine year history as an independent nation.


April - 25 - The War with Mexico started on April 25th when Mexican troops crossed into Texas and ambushed an American patrol. General Zachary Taylor and his troops defeated a Mexican force on May 8th at the Battle of Palo Alto. The United States issued a formal declaration of war on May 13th. The war was formally ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2, 1848.


Isaac Chinski "settled in Leon County, TX, where he became involved in the mercantile business and later in planting."


The City of Navasota was established when Houston and Texas Central Railroad built through.



13 - Civil War Begins


26 - "He was married to Harriet Cornelia Boggs, daughter ot Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Boggs; on the outbreak of the Civil War, Mr. Chinski volunteered and with Gould's Batallion, took part in early Confederate Struggles. He was at Arkansas Post at the fall, and then was sent by the Confederate Government, because of broken health, resulting from the hardships incident to the engagement, to Matamoros, Mexico, as a purchasing agent for the government. These trips were made overland, accompanied by faithful slaves."



13 - Clarence Chinski born in Redland in Leon County.



14 - Lincoln Assasinated.


13 - Civil War Ends.

"After the War, in 1865, Mr. Chinski moved to Navasota, TX, then the terminal point of the railroad, and a small village. He purchased his home, and with his family, resided on the same spot for more than 50 years. During this time he engaged in banking, planting, and mercantile business."

"They were among the pioneer settlers of Navasota, having come to the city when the H.&T.C. Railroad had its terminus at Millican."

"It was a custom of Mrs. Chinski's each year at Christmas to prepare stockings for small negro children, for the children of white persons who had been unfortunate, and to remember the aged and infirm. At an early age she united with the Baptist church."


"Once Navasota was linked by the railroad, it attracted enterprising merchants hoping to capitalize on its new economic position, including a number of Jews. Just a few Jewish immigrants settled in Navasota before the Civil War, including M. Dangigar, a young Polish-born merchant. He had left Navasota by 1870. Other early Jewish settlers included Isidore Bock, who came in 1865, and Arnold Fox and I.Y. Chinski, who moved to Navasota in 1866. Chinski came from Prussia and quickly established himself once he settled in Navasota. By 1870, the dry goods merchant owned $10,000 in personal estate and $4000 in real estate, quite a sum for the time. Chinski later opened a successful banking business in Navasota. These early settlers were soon joined by a growing number of Jews. According to one estimate, over 80 Jews lived in Navasota by 1876."


September - 21 - Margaret Chinksi, daughter of Isaac and Harriet Chinski, mother of my maternal Grandfather, born in Navasota, TX



8 - Adolph Alva Chinski, son of Isaac and Harriet Chinski, born.



12 - John Richa Born, father of Mattie Dorothy Richa White Callaway


Fred White born - Step-father of Mattie White Callaway



19 - Edith Victoria Hutchinson born, Mother of Mattie White Callaway



12 - John Henry Richa, father of my maternal Grandmother, born.

Photograph of Edith Victoria Hutchinson



27 - Clarence Leon Callaway, my Grandfather, born. He was the son of James Milton Callaway and Margaret Chinski.


Edith Hutchinson Richa and John Richa
circa 1910
Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
Edith Hutchinson Richa center and husband John Richa far right. 
The Richa's owned and operated a dry cleaning business.


Judge Hogue and Irma Chinski
Historical Review of Arkansas: Its Commerce, Industry and Modern Affairs, Volume 2
January 1, 1911

"The title of "Judge" was evidently thrust upon him by his fellow members of the bar, for it is known that James E. Hogue has never held an office of any kind, and in this, his career differs from that of nine-tenths of the other lawyers of his standing and rank. No convention, no election, no political party, no appointing power, has ever contributed any thing to his fame, except in the year of 1901 when the County Convention of Garland county tendered him the Democratic nomination for representative, which nomination he respectfully declined.

"Judge Hogue married Miss Inna Chinski, who was born and reared at Navasota, Texas, where her father was a citizen of prominence and influence. Mrs. Hogue is a woman of distinctive culture and especially attractive personality, and not only is she one of the most prominent and popular figures in the best social activities of her home city, but she has also gained recognition as one of the most talented musicians of the South. She was reared under the influences of wealth and culture and was afforded exceptional educational advantages, including the proper directing of her musical training, through which her fine talent was most effectually developed. As a pianist, she has appeared throughout the different sections of the South, as well as in Chicago and other Northern cities, where her interpretations before the social public have given her prestige as one of the scholarly and distinguished exponents of this department of musical art, and her fame and merit as a musician is equal, if not superior to that attained by her husband as a lawyer."

Chinski Dry Goods Co.

Mother's Day

Martha Elizabeth Bates Day Hutchison and grandchildren
Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas
Mattie Delia RICHA WHITE and Henry Clark RICHA WHITE 
with grandmother Martha Elizabeth BATES DAY HUTCHISON



25 - Adolph Alva Chinski dies.

28 - World War I begins.

Receipt for Masonic Lodge

Photo of Issac and Harriet Boggs Chinski



6 - United States declares war on Germany.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 
for Baldridge Lanard Callaway

June 5, 1917

Occupation: "Traveling Shoe Salesman"
"F. P Kirkendall & Co., Omaha"

Exemption claim:
"Have mother and brother under 12
depending solely on me."

Note on the card:
"I don't think anyone is dependent on him."

Irma Hogue, The Musical Monitor, September 1917


Handwritten Check from Harriet Chinski


Issac Yaro Chinski Obituary

Issac Yaro Chinski Grave
Harriet Boggs Chinski Grave
Oakland Cemetery, Navasota, Texas
September 2015

Photograph of I. Y. Chinski

Photograph of I. Y. Chinski and Family

Photograph of I. Y. Chinski and Family

To My Father by Irma Chinski Hogue

Note from Little Rock Public Schools

Passport for Alva Adolph Chinski
May 30, 1920

I solemnly sweat that I was born at "Redland (Leon County)"
in the state of "Texas" on or about the "11 day of August 1869,"
that my father, "I. Y. Chinkski," was born in "Gnesen, Poland"
and is now residing at "deceased," that he emigrated to
the United States from the port of "do not know,"
on or about "1855;" that he resided "65" years, uninterruptedly
in the United States from "1855 to 1919" ...
 and that I am domiciled in the United States,
my permanent residence being in Houston in the State or Texas, 
where I follow the occupation of "representing Morton Milling Co.-
3 loan mills. ... I desire a passport for visiting, "Mexico City, Monterey, Tampico"
for "Commercial Purposes"

Funeral Notice for Harriet Boggs Chinski, died 12 November.

Harriet Boogs Chinski Grave
Oakland Cemetery
Navasota, Texas 

Photograph of Harriet Boggs Chinski with Children

Mrs. Chinski Died Friday

Resolutions From the Civic Club in Death of Members

Photo of Mattie White

Photo of Mattie White inscribed to Cal

F. H. White Cleaning Co. 

Jesse Newton Casey - Great Grandfather
Died December 23, 1929

Death Certificate for James Milton Callaway
Signed by Margaret Callaway
January 25, 1930

Mural Room at the Baker Hotel

Photograph of Clarence Callaway

Mural Room at the Baker Hotel

Passenger List for the Honduran "Morazan"
Sailing from Veracruz, April 6, 1935
Arriving in New Orleans, April 10, 1935
Clarence and Mattie Callaway
326 West 10th Street, Dallas, Texas

Gittings Photograph of Mattie White

Baldridge Callaway, brother of my Grandfather, dies.

Edith Victoria Hutchison White Obit

James Jasper and Nannie Jane Thompson Grave

Death Certificate for Louis Lee Chinski
November 28, 1942

Widowed, Retired Shoe Salesman

Primary Cause of Death was:
Organic Heart Disease
Coronary Heart Disease


Miss Maurine Vivian Chinski
September 1947
On the steps of the Minnesota Historical Library
St. Paul, Minnesota


November 14 - Margaret Chinksi Callaway dies. Buried in Dallas in Grove Hill Cemetery in Oak Cliff.

Clarence Callaway - Vice-president of Dr. Pepper

Letter from Nan and Bud (complete)


April 6 - Clarence Callaway named Chief of Dr. Pepper operations.


Hulen and Laura Lee Callaway Passenger List
First Class - List of Outward Bound Passengers
From New York to Le Havre, France
May 29, 1954
To Remain Abroad for 3 Months

Kelly Casey
Co-Captain Junior Varsity Football
Grapevine High School, 1954

Death Certificate for Maurine Vivian Chinski
May 8, 1954

Vascular accident probably thrombosis

Retired Clerk, Never Married


Nancy Callaway, 1955
Hillcrest High School, Dallas, Texas


Grave  of Henry White
Died April 6, 1956


Kelly Maurice Casey
Freshmen Class, University of Texas, 1960


4 - Conceived in the back seat of a car.
29 - Parents married in Columbus, Texas by a local Justice of the Peace. Honeymooned in Galveston.

Mother worked as a mail girl at the Dr. Pepper Co. in Dallas. Father worked at First National bank, sorting records in the vault. They lived in Grapevine in the small apartment over Grandparent Casey's house.


31 - Driving home (to the Inwood house) from a New Year's Eve party, my parents car is hit on the passenger's side- where my mother was sitting. She was badly shaken but did not go to the hospital.


Hulen Callaway Customs Card
Jamaica to Miami, Florida
March 27, 1962


Hulen Culbert Callaway
August 30, 1969


Liza Avery Lenora Shannon Doss - "Nora"
24 May 1984, Grapevine, Texas,


Ernestine Viola and Woodrow Walker's Grave
13 December 2004 and 30 November 2003
Grand Aunt and Uncle who fostered my love of reading
from an early age, always sending me books for birthdays and xmas.