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Curriculum Vitae

Scot Casey Shreveport, Louisiana Early 60s



- been punched in the face for no reason
- had my nose broken two times
- been hit by a car in the middle of the night and left for dead
- had amnesia
- been accused of murder, rape, arson and organized robbery
- been reported more than once to American's Most Wanted
- been interviewed extensively by the police regarding these accusations
- been investigated twice by the F.B.I. because of where I worked 
- been betrayed by some of my closest friends
- been robbed at gunpoint on my birthday
- been in love three times
- had my heart broken three times - once by a dog
- known that a woman's breast is the hardest rock that the Almighty ever made on this earth, and I also can find no sign on it
- had half of my face stay paralyzed with Bell's Palsy for three weeks
- chicken pox, hepatitis, herpes, gout and a bad liver
- two wisdom teeth and no appendix 
- broken my arm in two places trying to drive a motorcycle through a steel cable
- had a bug crawl into my ear while I was sleeping and wake me up by eating my eardrum
- had a dog bite me for no good reason
- jumped over a rattlesnake while running through Chaco Canyon
- been hiking at Land's End and witnessed the birth of a lamb with the sunrise
- also witnessed the birth of humans, horses, cats, dogs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chickens, cardinals, mockingbirds and snakes
- wrecked several cars
- had seven bicycles stolen
- gotten drunk and forgotten where I left my bicycle, believed it to have been stolen, bought a new one, only to later find my old one safely locked up in front of another bar
- woken up on a sidewalk in Barcelona in a dried pool of my own vomit with no clue and incredibly happy
screamed drunkenly at monkeys in Spain and been told to stop by the police
- put my fist into a friend's mouth to stop him from screaming while we were on L.S.D.
- lost most of my friends
- cultivated the capacity for solitude
- fed over 200 people at a Thanksgiving Dinner for several years
- been in jail twice
- worshipped strange gods, made images of them, taken most of their names in vain, worked a month of Sundays, committed adultery, stolen, lied, cheated and coveted occasional items of my neighbor
- never murdered or raped anyone
- hitchhiked all over England and France
- done most drugs more than once
- seen more than a dozen people die
- never wanted to leave the Black Sail in Cumbria, England, the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico, Metora in Greece, Chania in Crete, Isla de Mujeres in Mexico, Santiago de Compostella in Spain and Austin, Texas.
- walked across the North of Spain trying to remember god
- biked through the deserts of New Mexico trying to forget god
- fallen asleep at a crossroads in the desert
- played guitar on the streets of Austin 
- been homeless - by choice - for several years
- spent of lot of time with a human skull in my hands
- thought about suicide once a week for 45 years
- read a lot of books but never enough books
- watched the sun rise over or set under the Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Carribean Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean
- had more good days than bad
- been genuinely surprised and overwhelmed by an old friend
- dreamed like you wouldn't believe
- caught some really big fish
- watched the best part of myself die in the Desert and burn for days on a pyre
- scraped the charred flesh from the bones of mentor and closest friend
- buried hsi skull and bones in the desert
- uncovered his skull and bones and reburied them years later
- sold everything I owned except for what would fit in the back of my jeep
- wagered everything on constructing a foundation under the castle I built in the air
- lived most of the last few years in my Memory Cathedral
- watched my mother and stepfather lose memories and most of their minds
- wandered aimlessly across the country for years
- wasted entire days watching the Chama River run
- found god, lost god and known the Grace of Just Being


Little Hope, Texas
Mineola, Texas
Baton Rouge, Lousiana
New Orleans, Lousiana
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dallas, Texas
Monterrey, Mexico
Austin, Texas
Manchaca, Texas
South Padre Island, Texas
Aquismon, Mexico
Abiquiu, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bellingham, Washington
Grand Junction, Colorado
Tucson, Arizona
San Antonio, Texas


Dallas, Texas...

Coco's Summer 1977
Dishwasher, Bus Boy

Cork n Cleaver Fall 1977
Dishwasher, Busboy, Prep Cook

Wolfe Nursery Winter 1977
Xmas Tree Salesman, Landscaping 

Greenville Landscaping Summer 1979
Landscaper, Truck Driver, Translator

President's Health Spa 1979 - 1980
Fitness, Racquetball and Aerobics Instructor 

Dallas Morning News Summer 1981

Greenhill School 1981 - 1988 
- Assistant Varsity Football Coach
- Defense Coach for J. V.
- Head Coach for 7th grade
- Off-season strength and fitness - 1981 - 1988 
- Elective Instructor - 1987 - 1988

Taylor's Bookstore 1981- 1982
Receiving, Returns, Shelver, Cashier

Austin, Texas...

Bookstop 1983 - 19861988 - 1992
Receiving, Returns, Shelver, Cashier

S.M.U. Latin Tutor 1982 - 1984

europa books 1992 - 1995
Assistant Manager, Buyer, Kennedy's Driver

Apollinaire's Bookstore 1993
Minding the Store

Olympia Books 1994
Minding the Store

Barnes & Noble Books 1995 - 1996
Receiving, Returns, Shelver, Cashier

Texas Book Festival 1996 - 2002 
Book Manager, Set-up, Break-down, Returns, Book Accounting

FringeWare 1996 - 2000
Manager, Editor, Buyer, Content Creation

Desert Books 1996 - 1997

Hole in the Wall 1998 - 2002
Door, Bar-back, Office Assistant, Website

Texas Showdown Saloon 2001 - 2008
Bartender, Assistant Manager, Graphic Design, Website

Half Price Books 2000
Buyer, Shelver, Cashier

Drungo Ice House 2008 - 2009
Manager, Graphic Design, Website 

Bellingham, Washington...

Black Drop Coffee House 2010 - 2014
Co-owner, Barista, Graphic Design, Website 

What's Up! Magazine 2011 - 2017

Closing Time Trading Co. 2013 - 2018
Estate Sale Coordinator, On Site Management, Graphic Design

Honey Moon Mead & Cider 2016 - 2017
- Sales & Marketing 
- Bartender 
- Music Booking
- Open Mic Host
- Social Media 

Old World Deli 2016 - 2017
- Music Booking

Laughing Bone Design Labs 1992 - Present 
- Owner
Hermit / Recluse
- Executor of the Charles B. Jones Digital Archives


Mrs. Agnew's Town and Country Day School in Shreveport, Louisiana - 1965 to 1967
Two Years Pre-school 

Walnut Hill Elementary School in Dallas, Texas - 1968 to 1975
First through Seventh Grade

American School Foundation in Monterrey, Mexico - 1975 - 1977
Eigth and Ninth Grade
National Honor Society
Steve Fordham Award, 1977

Greenhill School in Dallas, Texas - 1977 - 1980
Tenth through Twelfth Grade
Captain of the Football Team

Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas - 1980 - 1983
Freshmen through Senior Years, Pre-Med
Focus on Biological Psychology and Philosophy 
Minor Studies in Latin and Mathematics
Psi Chi Honor Society, 1983
Latin Scholarship Award, 1982
T.A. for Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Jack Strange, '83
T.A. for Biological Psychology with Dr. Michael Best, '83

Brookhaven Community College in Dallas, Texas - 1981 - 1982
Summer Courses 

Richland Community College in Dallas, Texas - 1982
Summer Courses

University of Texas at Dallas - 1983 - 1984
Pre-Graduate Studies
Research Assistant in Psychology Dept. 

Austin Community College in Austin, Texas - 1984 - 1986
Electives Courses for Admission to UT

University of Texas at Austin - 1984 - 1991
Studies in Philosophy and English Literature
Focused Studies on Ludwig Wittgenstein

Steiner University in Jefferson, Texas - 1992 - 1996
Studies in Ontological Osteology


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